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A Javascript framework for creating isomorphic applications.


Fully Isomorphic

Write and run the same code at both the server side and the client side! IMA.js provides abstraction for APIs that differ at the client side javascript and the server side javascript.


Page metadata are centrally managed, allowing easier management of all your keywords and og meta-tags.

Benchmarks and Tests

Real-world heavy-load web services are run on the IMA.js platform. With hundreds of unit tests covering all of our code, you can rely on IMA.js to be a stable base of your application.

Production-ready Full Application Stack

Use the familiar MVC pattern in combination with React for rendering your UI. See Hello example.


IMA.js comes with a built-in router for processing GET and POST HTTP requests.

Bleeding Edge Technologies

ESNext, Webpack, SWC compiler, HMR and other technologies.

Full plugin support

IMA.js comes with full support for plugins that can be created very easily through very simple interface.

Large collection of existing plugins

We maintain a list of several plugins that are thoroughly tested and used every day on many of our websites here at along with huge list of other plugins we use internally.

Multiple running modes

Application can be switched between IMA, SPA and MPA modes or combination of all of them.

And many more...

Configuration for all your environments in one place with inheritance.
Out-of-box configurable server-side caching.
REST API cache.
Advanced error handling for greater stability and faster development.
High-fidelity debug mode.
Dependency injection.
Analytics plugin, that provides interface to custom analytics, along with FB pixel and Google Analytics plugins.
Generic REST API client plugin for the IMA application framework
Plugin to simplify loading 3rd party scripts for the IMA.js application
Reselect-style page state selector plugin for IMA.js components.
And many more…

Who's using IMA.js

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