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Migration 18.0.0

IMA.js brings few major breaking changes. For more information read below.

Update requirements

IMA.js v18 requires node >= 18, npm >= 8 and react 18.

Moved from gulp to webpack

You can remove gulp things. There is new @ima/cli plugin for helping with webpack. From now, you have to import everything you want to be present in your bundle (that's how webpack works).

Change scripts in package.json

There is new @ima/cli used in scripts instead of gulp.


"scripts": {
"test": "jest",
"lint": "eslint './**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}'",
"dev": "ima dev",
"build": "NODE_ENV=production ima build",
"start": "NODE_ENV=production node server/server.js"

Remove "main": "build/server.js" from package.json too. (Server is not anymore in build/server.js.)

Update settings.js

Remove scripts and esScripts from $Page.$Render (IMA process this things now by manifest and contentVariables).

Remove gulp specific things


  • @ima/gulp-task-loader
  • @ima/gulp-tasks


  • gulpfile.js
  • gulpConfig.js

Removed build.js, optionally add ima.config.js file to root

  • look at ima.config.js
  • definition of languages moved from build.js to ima.config.js
  • definition of less file pathes is not needed - see section Styles below

Moved from babel to swc

You can remove @babel dependencies (except for eslint specific).

Add @swc/jest devDependency for tests.

New React-page-renderer

  • React-page-renderer moved to new package @ima/react-page-renderer
npm i @ima/react-page-renderer
  • You can use codemod npx @cns/web-plugins-codemods -> ima18: react page renderer imports

  • Update DocumentView - use AbstractPureComponent from @ima/react-page-renderer instead of AbstractDocumentView

Update EventBus

You have to add target as the second argument for EventBus fire, listen/unlisten.

Update DocumentView

Rewrite your DocumentView similar like in create-ima-app.

Update Server

You have to add dependency to error-to-json on your own. It was removed from @ima/server.


let errorToJSON = require('error-to-json');


const errorToJSON = require('error-to-json').default;

Split server.js -> server.js and app.js

This change is optionally, but we use it in our create-ima-app.

Server changes


'use strict';


Replace this part:

let imaServer = require('@ima/server');

let clientApp = imaServer.clientApp;
let urlParser = imaServer.urlParser;
let environment = imaServer.environment;
let logger = imaServer.logger;
let cache = imaServer.cache;


const imaServer = require('@ima/server')();
const { serverApp, urlParser, environment, logger, cache, memStaticProxy } =


Replace clientApp.requestHandler by serverApp.requestHandlerMiddleware.

Remove staticErrorPage and replace errorHandler function by

function renderError(error, req, res, next) {
.errorHandlerMiddleware(error, req, res, next)
.then(response => {

Move environment.js file

  • File app/environment.js was moved to location /server/config/environment.js There was removed test env.


  • 400, 500, spa templates are in server/template (look at create-ima-app)

Update DocumentView

You can remove getAsyncScripts method and body content replace with: (You have to add $Page.$Render.masterElementId property to settings.js)

dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: }}

Instead of app css loading use:


Assets => app/public

Everything from folder app/public is moved to build folder into static folder.


  • Remove files mark as FAKE FILE FOR GULP LESS
  • Move less files from assets/less to app/less
  • You have to move definition of less files pathes from build.js to "imports" - you have two options:
    • import less files per component
    • import root less file e.g. in main.js and use glob pattern to import other less files similar like it was in build.js
  • app/less/globals.less - this file is prepending to every less file so that you can import here variables, mixins, etc.
  • strictMaths is enabled


Add @swc/jest dependency. Add identity-obj-proxy for css/less in jest. Replace enzyme-adapter-react-16 with @cfaester/enzyme-adapter-react-18.

Other changes

  • Prepared for typescript

Deleted packages

You can remove following packages:

  • @ima/react-hooks - functionality moved to @ima/react-page-renderer
  • @ima/plugin-less-constants moved to @ima/cli-plugin-less-constants
  • @ima/plugin-hot-reload
  • @ima/plugin-websocket
  • @ima/gulp-task-loader
  • @ima/gulp-tasks

IMA.js Plugins

All IMA.js plugins need to be updated to the latest version. Older versions won't work.