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IMA.js is a framework for creating isomorphic javascript applications


  • Fully isomorphic

    Write and run the same code at both the server side and the client side! IMA.js provides abstraction for APIs that differ at the client side javascript and the server side javascript.

  • SEO

    Page metadata are centrally managed, allowing easier management of all your keywords and og meta-tags.

  • Benchmarks and tests

    Real-world heavy-load web services are run on the IMA.js platform. With hundreds of unit tests covering all of our code, you can rely on IMA.js to be a stable base of your application.

  • Production-ready full application stack

    Use the familiar MVC pattern in combination with React for rendering your UI. See Hello example.

  • Routing

    IMA.js comes with a built-in router for processing GET and POST HTTP requests.

  • Bleeding edge technologies

    ES2015 (JSX Harmony), Gulp, flo, Live Reaload and other technologies.

...and more


  • screenshot

    The Czech videogame portal where you find your next videogame to play. There are plenty of videogames for different devices, including on-line browser games.

  • screenshot

    The news feed of the company where you can see the new features of all services.

  • screenshot

    TV broadcast schedule for at least 14 days ahead, awailable for more than 100 most watched TV stations. Horizontal and vertical layout, notifications and social sharing is available.

  • screenshot

    The Hobby is a new section at the homepage where you'll find useful DIY tutorials and recipes for you.


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IE 10+FirefoxChromeSafariIMA
OperaiOS SafariAndroid BrowserChrome for Android
Unsupported & Old BrowsersMPA

IMA runs as isomorphic-page application.MPA runs as multi-page application.SPA runs as single-page application.

Used technologies

  • NodeJS
  • React
  • JS ECMAScript6
  • Express
  • SuperAgent
  • Jasmine