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Analyze Plugin

Pre-configures bundle-stats-webpack-plugin and webpack-bundle-analyzer webpack plugins for fast and easy bundle analyzing.

This plugin provides easy way to analyze webpack bundle. Apart from pre-configuring the forementioned plugins, it also outputs stats.json file which can be used in multiple other online webpack bundle analyzer tools. For example:


The plugin also prints these links directly into the console when the build finishes, for easier access.


npm install @ima/cli-plugin-analyze -D


const { AnalyzePlugin } = require('@ima/cli-plugin-analyze');

* @type import('@ima/cli').ImaConfig
module.exports = {
plugins: [new AnalyzePlugin()],

CLI Arguments


client | | server

Run the ima build command with --analyze argument and pick one of the three produced bundles you want to analyze. For example: npx ima build --analyze=client.


new AnalyzePlugin(options: {
open?: boolean;
bundleStatsOptions?: BundleStatsWebpackPlugin.Options;
bundleAnalyzerOptions?: BundleAnalyzerPlugin.Options;


boolean = true

Set to false if you don't want to automatically open the browser window with the html reports when the build finishes.



Pass any option that the BundleStatsWebpackPlugin accepts. These are then merged with some of our custom defaults.



Pass any option that the BundleAnalyzerPlugin accepts. These are then merged with some of our custom defaults.