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Migration 0.14.0

In order to upgrade your project to use IMA.js 0.14.0, please follow these steps:

  • Update your gulpfile.js to require the default configuration from the ima-gulp-tasks package in the gulpfile.js (see the example configuration).
  • If you are using custom build and dev tasks, remove the Es6toEs5:ima task from those.
  • Update your own custom gulp tasks to be compatible with gulp 4
  • Remove references to the ima.client.js file in the settings.js file and the bundle section in the build.js file.
  • Add the ima package to the common group in the vendors section in the build.js file.
  • Update your main.js file, the ima.onLoad method returns a promise instead of accepting a callback.
  • Update your ima-server installation according to the Hello World example.
  • Plugins can no longer use namespaces, please update your bind.js file if you were using namespace references to IMA plugins.
  • Import the RouteNames constants from ima/router/RouteNames in your router.js configuration file.
  • Components may now declare the defaultProps and propTypes static properties as getters.
  • The $ROUTER_CONSTANTS alias no longer exists (import the ima/router/RouteNames file).
  • The $HTTP_STATUS_CODE alias no longer exists (import the ima/http/StatusCode file).
  • Removed the $Promise, $CacheEntry, $PageRendererViewAdapter, $Route (switched to imports internally).
  • The loose mode of the ES2015 babel preset is no longer enabled.
  • Upgrade to node.js 7 or newer (older version might work but are no longer supported).
  • Switch to default exports in your configuration files.
  • Remove the './node_modules/ima-babel6-polyfill/index.js' reference from the polyfills list in gulpConfig.js (if overridden; this has been fixed by babel).
  • Remove the main.less file reference in the build.js file (unless it exists in the project).
  • Add the $CssClasses property to object in the $Utils OC alias.